Wiccan Brew is an offering of the most amazing certified organic herbs and spices we have ever found available anywhere. All of the herbs and spices  are preservative and additive free. What the label says is all that is in the jar. No games or tricky words. You are not purchasing a product that is only a small percentage of what the label says. Each and every spice from this company is EXACTLY what it says it is. So come on in and visit for awhile. Check out all that is offered and feel free to contact them if you are looking for something special. They will be happy to try to get it for you. Go here to see what is available for your holiday cooking needs. Be sure to check back often or join our mailing list on the right for all of our latest news.


Cough and cold season is just around the corner

This is the time of year that sniffles and sore throats are going to be visiting. We have begun to expand our offerings to include medicinal herbs.

We have used these herbs and spices for years.And are always pleasantly surprised at how tasty the addition of them to our favorite recipes can be. Check back frequently to catch our latest additions and recipes that we will be sharing. 

Everyone that has become a regular user of the herbs and spices offered here, claim there is a certain amount of well being that occurs when you partake in organics. And we agree that we love to use these herbs and spices and reap the many rewards, not only in taste but in well being.  We purchase in small quanities to maintain the potency and freshness of the products. You can rest assured the spices are of the highest quality we can provide.