Naturally evaporated sea salt




Food and cosmetic use




A true Mediterranean delight, our Cyprus Flake salt is known for its dazzling and distinctive pyramid shape, light texture and mild taste. The unique pyramid shape of the Cyprus Flake salt is created through the process of solar evaporation of sea water where the water is channeled into a chain of shallow ponds or lagoons and then into large pans where the water is gradually heated, forming the timeless pyramid shapes of the salt. The process continues until the salt reaches 3% humidity, and can take up to two years to complete. This gourmet flake salt is ideal for use in cooking, baking, and as a garnishing salt for fish and vegetable dishes.




Sodium (NaCl) 98.19%
Calcium (Ca) 0.09%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.05%
Water, H2O 0.16%
SO4 0.56%
Potassium 0.03%
Insoluble 0.06%



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Cypress Flake Salt

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