Beau Beau's Biscuits

Dogs have been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember. When I was little I grew up with an American Staffordshire Terrier.  Her name was Mindy. I was an only child so she was my playmate, my protector and my confidant. She was with me for fifteen wonderful years and she passed away when her health began to fail. Then I met my husband in high school and we married soon after graduation. He was drafted into the army about 8 months after we were married and I was alone again so naturally I looked for a dog. This time I got a hunting dog, a Labrador and English Setter mix. His name was Lance and we hunted pheasant and duck with him for about four years. He was given to a guy I knew from work as by then we had a daughter and my hunting was curtailed.


Finally we got Beau, he was a rescue and a Doberman Labrador mix. Our daughter was about 9 years old by then and he became her playmate, confidant and protector. Her pet name for him was Beau Beau. That was the way we came up with the name for our dog treats. We were lucky enough to have him for 12 years and he was a very important part of our family.

If you have been looking for the tastiest, healthiest organic dog treats available, you came to the right place.Beau Beau’s Biscuits are made from only six ingredients, all organic. Crafted by hand from the finest wild game and dehydrated to preserve the nutrients and flavor for your dog. Our dogs are part of our family as we are sure yours are also. Beau was an integral part of our family and we miss him so what better way to preserve his memory. We felt that we should share a high quality treat with people that felt their dogs dogs were as important to them as ours are to us. Go here to check out the latest flavors available. Be Sure to join the loyalty program and cash in on a few of the latest perks.Coming soon will be a flavor-of-the-month club where your dogs can try some exotic wild game treats such as alligator, camel or python. Yum, the test dogs can’t wait for those.


Let me introduce you to the test dogs so you can see that our products work well with these guys.  From left to right is Misty  the middle one is Jimmi and the one on the right is Rowdy. As you can see, they are healthy and happy and ready for treats. Our regular selection of treats consists of; Grass finished beefalo liver and bacon, bison, elk, venison and wild boar.  All are made from just six organic ingredients and according to our gang, very tasty.

We are a retired over-the-road truck driving team and we had two dogs in the truck with us for a period of almost eight years. During that time we had a terrible time finding healthy snacks for our dogs. We could carry dog food in bulk but finding healthy snacks was a challenge. I started making our own  when we came home for a few days and as our friends are avid hunters, we acquired a freezer with some venison they had given us. That is how we started with wild game and the rest, as they say, is history. So go here to join our tasters in their favorite snacks.